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  1. 7 Mushrooms mix Organic Main image
    7 Mushrooms mix Organic SKU: 46470-conf
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  2. Acerola Powder Organic Main image
    Acerola Powder Organic SKU: 80001-conf
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  3. Aganine Powder Main image
    Aganine Powder SKU: 58340-conf
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  4. Camu Camu Powder Organic Main image
    Camu Camu Powder Organic SKU: 40025-conf
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  5. Chaga Extract 30% Organic Main image
    Chaga Extract 30% Organic SKU: 58730-conf
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  6. Chlorella Powder Organic Main image
    Chlorella Powder Organic SKU: 40029-conf
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  7. Chlorella Tablets Organic Main image
    Chlorella Tablets Organic SKU: 40030-conf
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  8. Colloidal Silver Water 1 Liter Main image
    Colloidal Silver Water 1 Liter SKU: 57720-conf
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  9. Colloidal Silver Water 50 ml Main image
    Colloidal Silver Water 50 ml SKU: 58240-conf
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  10. Cordyceps Extract 30% Organic Main image
    Cordyceps Extract 30% Organic SKU: 58740-conf
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  11. Egg Yolk Powder Organic Main image
    Egg Yolk Powder Organic SKU: 56590-conf
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  12. Flax Protein (30%) Powder Brown Organic Main image
    Flax Protein (30%) Powder Brown Organic SKU: 80173-conf
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  13. Flax Protein (33%) Powder Light Gold Organic Main image
    Flax Protein (33%) Powder Light Gold Organic SKU: 80174-conf
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Sustain your health with supplements

What are supplements?

Supplements are a healthy and natural addition to the daily diet. The supplements in the range of Naturaplaza are full to the brim with valuable nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

These are substances which the body itself does not produce and which are difficult to get every day in the prescribed quantity. Supplements can give you energy at times when you're a little less fresh and fruity.

Why buy supplements?

Supplements are, as said, full of substances that the body needs and which it cannot do without. It may well be that you do not get the daily prescribed amount of minerals and vitamins.

You can supplement your diet with vitamin supplements. For example, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can take omega 3 supplements. This important nutrient can be found mainly in fatty fish and butter.

What exactly do you need to think about?

Supplements come in many different shapes and sizes. Often it is about specific vitamin supplements, such as vitamin C. Vitamin D you derive mainly from sunlight. Especially in winter months, when the sun shines little, you can have a shortage of it.

Specific supplements can be used if your regular diet lacks a certain substance and if, for one reason or another, this cannot be solved easily.

At Naturaplaza you will also find specific supplements such as fish oil and probiotics, as well as certain supplements based on certain products, such as spirulina, turmeric, matcha or acai.

Specific actions of supplements

What are actually the best supplements for you? You can easily select one or more workings on our site. Some supplements are better suited to the needs of men, others to those of women.

There are also supplements for certain stages of life. For example, specifically aimed at the needs of the elderly. Whatever your needs, you'll find that Nutrikraft only offers supplements from the best brands.

Our brands

Two of our top brands are Nutrikraft and Salvics. These brands offer supplements of excellent quality and for different purposes.

Careful with supplements

Supplements mean that they are 'supplementary': they have a complementary effect. You should not exchange fresh fruit and vegetables for supplements, but use the vitamin supplements alongside them to make up for any shortages. The body is not used to taking substances through supplements, so you should not take too much of them. Do not use more than the daily recommended dosage.

Most dietary supplements are also not suitable for children under the age of 11, and it is not always wise to take supplements during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Store supplements in a place out of sight and reach of children and consult a doctor before you start taking supplements.

Forms of dietary supplements

Supplements are available in various forms, including powders, capsules, drops, pills and drinks. They supplement the daily diet and are not intended to replace other forms of food intake. Supplements usually contain vitamins, or certain minerals or a bioactive substance to make up for a deficiency.

Does everyone need supplements?

In principle, not everyone needs supplements. Most people get enough nutrients by eating a varied diet. There are usually special groups that can use an extra boost. Pregnant women, for instance, benefit from extra vitamin D and folic acid. Young children and the elderly can also often use some extra vitamin D.

What are dietary supplements made of?

Supplements consist of minerals, vitamins, or bioactive substances. They are in fact concentrates which contain much higher concentrations of a certain substance than you will find in a natural food.

You can compare it with a glass of pure syrup and a glass filled with water: both taste sweet and have the same colour, although the glass of pure syrup is a concentrate. The glass with water also contains other substances.

Most supplements consist of 1 mineral or vitamin. There are also so-called Multi supplements. These are combinations of several vitamins and minerals, or just capsules or tablets in which minerals and vitamins live side by side.

An example is a vitamin B-complex, which contains many different B numbers. Then you also have so-called Nutraceuticals, these are food supplements that contain bioactive substances.

Quick absorption active substances

The synthetic, artificially produced substances in vitamin and mineral supplements are absorbed by the body in the same way as the substances with the same name that you find in food and drink. The advantage is that the substances in pills can be absorbed more easily than those found in food. That is a reason to use supplements. So for a faster effect, you could take ginger pills instead of drinking a ginger tea.

Vitamin B12 for vegans

Vegans are advised to take extra supplements of B12. This vitamin is mainly present in animal products and if you do not consume animal products, you will soon have a shortage. Elderly people with some gastrointestinal problems also benefit from B12 supplements.

Omega 3 supplements

Omega-3 is an important substance for your heart and blood vessels, as well as for your brain and eyes. Omega-3 fats play a role in the building of cells and the production of hormones, among other things. They also help the nervous system to function, as well as the immune system.

Adults should get around 200 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids per day. This is mainly done through fatty fish. A good alternative to fish is fish oil, fish oil capsules, or algae oil.

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