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Why organic nuts? The wonderful world of organic nuts

Nuts are healthy, no one needs to tell you that. They are packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats. A handful of nuts (only 25 grams) can already have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Nuts contain vitamins B1 and E, but also important minerals such as iron. In addition to many unsaturated fats, nuts contain many calories. Although it can therefore be recommended to eat nuts, you should not snack on them too much in a day.

What makes organic nuts healthier?

Organic food is trendy: it is not only good for animals and the environment, but also for humans themselves. The body benefits from organic food. Organic nuts are good for everyone, but also just incredibly tasty. Organic nuts remain unsprayed - no pesticides are used in their production.

Hurry, no pesticides!

Conventional nut production uses all kinds of pesticides. These can end up in your body and that, of course, is not good for you. It is not very clear to what extent the shell of the nut blocks the harmful pesticides. Why take an unnecessary risk with 'contaminated' nuts, when you can just go for pure nature, as nuts are meant to be?

More nutrients

Did you know that organic nuts contain more nutrients? The nuts are processed in a natural way and are delivered to your home unaltered. They contain the highest possible percentage of naturally occurring nutrients. This allows you to keep the natural substances in and the chemicals out. Exactly as it should be, in fact.

No genetically engineered products

In addition, when growing organic nuts, no products that are genetically modified are used. Pesticides and the like are avoided, allowing nuts to retain their own healthy properties. All in all, organic nuts are just so much tastier than "conventional" nuts. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!

Caring for the environment

Buying organic nuts is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be environmentally conscious. No toxins are used in the cultivation of organic nuts. The environment benefits from this and will thank you. The earth is saved a lot of chemical junk. Because nuts are processed naturally, they will be able to be grown longer on the same plot of land. The water used in production will remain purer.

Reserving biodiversity

The production of organic nuts better preserves biodiversity. No pesticides are used, so the environment can continue to grow and flourish. Unique plants and animals get a chance to do their own thing and can flourish alongside humans and their practices.

Good for the local environment

The local residents benefit from the production of organic nuts. This is because they are not exposed to all kinds of toxic substances, which can end up in the drinking water or the earth.

Also, workers in nut production do not have to worry about breathing in or otherwise ingesting the toxins. This leads to healthier (and happier) working conditions. Small business owners also have the opportunity to continue growing.

The many benefits of organic nuts

There seem to be only advantages to organic nut production. You as a buyer get only pure and natural nutrients. In addition to that, these nuts are a lot tastier than varieties raised with pesticides.

Organic nature is better for the local biodiversity, for the workers and for the immediate environment. Yes, organic nuts are often a bit more expensive, but then the value for money is super good!

The healthfulness of nuts

Proteins: check, minerals: check, healthy fats: check. Check check, double check (check mate, we would almost dare to say). Nuts are a healthy and very tasty snack. Moreover, you can use nuts in a variety of ways, including in rice dishes, in salads and muesli.

Organic walnuts

Walnuts are secretly not nuts at all, but actually stone fruits. The inner wall is very similar to that of a cherry, peach or apricot. The walnut has a soft and often mildly sweet taste.

The brown membrane of the walnut gives it a somewhat bitter taste, but this can be removed after cracking and peeling. Walnut contains omega 3 fatty acid, to support your heart and vessels. They are also full of vitamin E and have a positive effect on your cholesterol.

Organic Macadamia nuts

Macadamias are round, firm and smooth. The flavour is very similar to coconut. Macadamia nuts are used in dishes, but can also be eaten as a snack.

Macadamias contain a lot of calories, only a limited amount of protein and a lot of unsaturated fats. The nut is also rich in fibers, several vitamins B (especially B1), the minerals potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. In particular, it contains a lot of copper.

Organic pecans

Pecans are originally from Mexico and the southern United States. The nut was an important part of the diet of the Indians there.

The pecan is a nut that contains many vitamins A, B plus E, as well as a tranche of minerals such as copper, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, calcium and potassium. The pecan also contains folic acid. The pecan is very similar to a walnut in appearance, but is a lot sweeter in taste.

Organic Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are seeds from fruits of the Brazil nut tree. The tree is found mainly in South America and can reach a height of 40-60 meters.

The Brazil nut fruits are very similar to coconuts (you don't want them to fall on your head). Each fruit contains about 8-12 seeds, which are rich in protein (they consist of almost 14% protein), plus many minerals and vitamins. There is more of the antioxidant selenium in Brazil nuts than in any other nut.