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What are tea lights? A game of light and dark

When you hear the word 'tea lights', you probably think of the tea lights, or Kruidvat tea lights. However, our tea lights are completely handmade, just like our salt lamps made of Himalayan salt. The tea lights come from Pakistan.

Buying a tea light at Naturaplaza? Then you know for sure that you have a unique product in your home. We have tea lights in numerous shapes and in different colours. Each one of them gives off a soft glow.

A soft glow

Our tea lights are available in different colours. Most of our lights give off a nice soft pink or orange glow, which creates a special atmosphere in any room.

Our tea lights fit perfectly in the bedroom or living room, but also look great in the bathroom. Tea lights, like Himalayan salt lamps, are said to help purify the living space of negative ions. In short: they are a central pillar of your well-being.

Tealight holders of HolyFlavours

HolyFlavours is a real quality brand: Naturaplaza is proud to have the tea lights of HolyFlavours in its range. The brand is a specialist in the field of manufacturing salt products, including salt tea lights.

The Himalaya Cube, for example, is made of 100% pure crystal salt from the Himalayan mountains. The 'Cube' has a beautiful cube shape and fits perfectly within the overall picture of your living or working room.

Keep your tealight dry

The reason why you should keep your tealights dry is the following: salt absorbs moisture (it's not for nothing that a few grains of rice are often added to salt cans to prevent the salt from clotting due to the moisture). Because salt is a natural product, it is possible that your order will have a slightly different colour and shade than shown in the pictures.

Several kinds of tea lights

A tea light can come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Naturaplaza has exclusively chosen for tea lights made of 100% natural Himalayan salt. There is a reason for this: this salt has a number of unique purifying effects, through the emission of negative ions. Dust, dirt and even electromagnetic radiation can be nullified with it.

A Himalayan salt tealight is made of 100% natural salt from the Himalaya region. At Naturaplaza we have different kinds of salt tealights on offer. The cube is one of them, but we also have tea lights in the shape of a heart (nice gift for your lover), tea lights spherical and even tea lights with the shape of a rose.

Tealights with a coarse twist

We also have many varieties of tea lights with a rough stroke to create an authentic Feng Shui atmosphere in your living, working or sleeping space. The Feng Shui tealight from HolyFlavours is no less than 1 kg. This tea light is supported by rubbers, is very finely crafted and 100% handmade.

The result is that you get a beautiful and unique atmosphere in your home. Each Himalayan salt tea light is completely handmade and hand polished into a specific shape.

The health benefits of Himalayan salt

About Himalayan salt lamps and tea lights has been said that they have a relaxing effect and can increase concentration. Biova tea lights not only give warmth, a beautiful effect, unique coziness, atmosphere, but also tranquillity in the home. It is the ideal way to create a cosy atmosphere in the evening during the dark months and to provide a form of air refreshment on days when the windows have to remain closed due to the cold outside.