Spring and lake salt

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Source and lake salt

The name says it all, of course, but spring and lake salt is salt that comes from springs and lakes and not from the sea. Spring and lake salt comes from springs or is left behind as a residue after evaporation of the lake. The salts we sell contain important minerals that are good for our bodies. These minerals have in most cases been extracted from traditional table salt. In addition, you will immediately notice that the source and lake salt that we sell is also a lot tastier.

Our offer

Look through our range of source and lake salt and you will see that these salts are definitely not standard. We have inca solar salt granulate, kalahari desert salt and source water salt from Portugal. Don't forget to check out the accessories as well, so you can buy a suitable grinder to administer your salt and store your salt safely.

Secure and natural

If you decide to order special salt from us, you can be sure that the product you receive is 100% natural. Our salt is not refined or processed. It still contains all the minerals that naturally occur in it. That is a much better alternative than normal table salt.

Fast cooking with your source and lake salt

If you order before 5 PM (CET), we will ship your order the same day. With more than 2012 years of experience as a seller of natural and organic products, we support everyone who wants to live healthier. Therefore, also check out the rest of our products, because there you will also find all kinds of organic and natural solutions for a healthier diet.