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What is smoked salt? The ideal seasoning

Smoking salt is salt that has been smoked and given a unique smoky flavour. It is a perfect seasoning for meats, eggs, and vegetables, among other things. There is nothing as delicious as a strong smoke aroma to a roast or grilled piece of meat: smoked salt is the 'finishing touch' to a meat or fish dish. It is also frequently used by vegans for vegan meals.

An intense aroma

Despite not containing any animal products, smoked salt gives off a deep and strong aroma. Naturaplaza's smoke salts also contain no artificial additives such as flavour or aroma enhancers or anti-caking agents. It is all pure nature: back to basics.

Smoked on Danish smoke wood

The smoked salt in our range is smoked on Danish beech wood. The smoked salt is also called 'gourmet salt' because of its smoky flavour aroma. You feel like a fire-breathing dragon when you eat food flavoured with smoke salt, without immediately feeling the heat burning in your throat.

Did you know that the salt that is smoked comes from the Dead Sea? It is smoked for no less than 160 hours in a row on beech wood: a special process.

The salt that is smoked is turned continuously so that the smoke aroma can adhere and spread properly. The tradition of smoking salt in this way began with the ancient Vikings. Smoking salt is an incredibly intensive process. The Danish smoke salt is limited to a very exclusive production of around 100 kilos per month.

Other types of salt from Scandinavia

All types of smoked salt in our range come from Scandinavia. This salt is smoked on juniper bushes which are specially imported from Norway for this purpose.

Why Norwegian wood? This is free of toxins and provides not only an incredibly delicious, but also a healthy taste experience. The juniper bushes give the salt subtle and spicy flavour nuances. The smell is remotely reminiscent of that of flowers.

Why buy smoked salt?

Smoking salt is a flavour with a unique depth and aroma. Preparing smoked salt is a process that has been refined over many centuries and is very intensive. When something is so difficult to make, it only proves that it is worth the effort. Is your mouth watering already? Are you curious about what smoke salt has to offer you? You can buy smoke salt at Naturaplaza.

Artificial smoke salts

Did you know that there are also smoke salts on the market where no wood is used at all? The smoke aroma of these salts is artificially added and therefore anything but authentic. Such artificial smoke salts are an insult to real smoke salts, which are made with a lot of effort and love. such a 'fraud' is not half as good and immediately falls through the cracks.

'Liquid smoke' products

Liquid Smoke is a smoking method used mainly in America. The literal translation is 'liquid smoke'. The smoke from for example a wood fire is led through a tube to a condenser where it is condensed into a liquid. The liquefied smoke is then diluted with water and pumped into special bottles.

The liquid smoke allows you to provide dishes with a smoke flavour in a different way. It all sounds nice and pleasant, but in the end, it is a method that comes across as very unnatural.

'Liquid smoke': what do you have to think about that? Smoking salt and then adding that salt to the meal is a much more natural way of going about it than using a crazy smoke concentrate with water which you can buy separately in a bottle.