Salt lamps

Een zoutlamp, ook wel zoutsteen of zoutkristal lamp, genoemd, is een zoutkristallamp die gemaakt is van een ruw stuk zoutkristal uit de Himalaya. Vanwege de mooie zachte roze kleur geeft de lamp een warm licht af. een echte sfeermaker! Al onze zoutlampen worden standaard geleverd met elektriciteitskabel en lampje.

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What is a salt lamp? A natural light in dark days

A salt lamp, also called salt stone lamp or salt crystal lamp, is a salt crystal lamp made of a rough piece of salt crystal from the Himalayas. A salt lamp is no more and no less than a special lamp made of salt crystal.

Salt crystals are beautiful to look at and form wonderful decorations for any interior. The salt crystal is partly translucent, allowing the salt stone to act as a natural dispenser of light.

Himalayan salt lamp operation

Himalayan salt is more than just beautiful to look at. In pulverized form, it is also used as scrub salt and bath salt for the skin. You can even find it in salt mills for dishes. Himalayan salt has a very rich taste and is very pure.

The Himalayan salt lamp works as follows: the salt produces so-called negative ions which help to purify the air. Placing a salt stone lamp in each room can have positive effects on people and the environment.

Real Himalayan salt lamp buy

These natural lamps clean the air, take away unpleasant odors and also purify. The cleaning of air happens through hygroscopy. Polluted water molecules from the nearby environment are attracted and absorbed into the salt crystal.

The salt lamp works amazingly well to deal with dust, cigarette smoke, and other air pollution. Salt air helps to clear the airway, which you probably know from a day at the beach.

Limit electromagnetic radiation

A Himalayan lamp is also very suitable to reduce electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is emitted by our electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This can cause an abundance of electromagnetic radiation.

This form of radiation is invisible, but in the long term, it can cause serious health problems. The radiation increases stress and causes fatigue, among other things.

Your immune system can be weakened by excessive contact with electromagnetic radiation. Saltstone lamps provide balance by emitting negative ions and neutralizing positive ions. In this way, electromagnetic radiation can be neutralised.

Especially in small spaces and places where no window can be opened (eg in the winter), you have very much benefited from a salt crystal lamp. A lamp stone is like a small talisman.

Working salt lamp against asthma and allergy

Salt crystals not only purify radiation, but also remove dust, pet dander, and mold from indoor air. Just as a saline nasal spray helps to clear the airway, salt lamps help to protect your immediate living environment.

In addition to that, they relieve various symptoms associated with asthma and allergies. Salt crystals help people who suffer from respiratory problems. Especially asthma patients have a lot of benefit.

Improve your breathing

Ever heard of Cilia? These are the hairs that run through the windpipe. Cilia work as microscopic breath filters. Studies show that positive ions reduce the activity of these cilia, while negative ions have a positive effect on them. Salt lamps help improve respiration by releasing negative ions. Other particles are filtered out. This keeps the lungs cleaner in the long term.

Ease coughs and colds

Salt lamp experiences show that they help relieve coughing, as well as certain cold symptoms. The negative ions released by the salt crystal may help against airborne bacteria.

The salt also allows the body to filter air effectively, preventing foreign (unwanted) particles from entering the lungs. This in turn goes against coughing and sneezing.

Improving your mood

A salt lamp is also sometimes called an anti-depression lamp. Why? Studies show that mood and energy levels can be improved by negative ions, which trigger serotonin production in the brain.

Salt lamps can help people suffering from seasonal mood swings. Of course, it takes more than that to trigger persistent depression. In that case, we recommend you to seek professional help.

Boost your circulation

Himalayan salt can also have a positive effect on your blood circulation. So a salt stone lamp can also have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

Promote concentration

They reduce stress, allowing you to focus better. It is said that negative ions improve the oxygen and blood supply to the brain. As a result, you become less easily distracted and can focus on your work or hobby.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere

Did you know that white salt lamps are used as an aid in colour therapy (also called chromotherapy)? Salt lamps produce wonderful soft light, in shades of yellow, red, and orange.

The salt helps to combat stress and sluggishness, among other things. They help you to feel relaxed.

Improve your sleep

If you are overly exposed to positive ions, the oxygen and blood supply to your brain is disrupted, which can cause irregular sleep patterns. The negative ions emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp help to restore the balance in your body and mind. Do you suffer from a lack of sleep or do you wake up regularly? Then consider using a salt lamp.

Where to buy a salt lamp?

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