Celtic sea salt

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What is Celtic sea salt?

Celtic sea salt is salt harvested on the southern Atlantic coast of France, just like the other famous French salt, fleur de sel. The two salts are so similar that you could say that Celtic sea salt is a by-product of fleur de sel. Both are harvested by hand from salt pans in which seawater is evaporated to leave salt crystals behind. At Naturaplaza you can buy both types of sea salt of good quality.

Why is the sea salt?

The water in the sea is salt and by evaporating it, sea salt is obtained. The rainwater takes abrasion from the mountains through streams and rivers to the sea. Meanwhile, the minerals from the mountain erosion dissolve in the water which provides the salt in the sea.

The power of Celtic sea salt is in the colour

Celtic sea salt is also known as sel gris, which translates to gray sea salt. The colour is the result of contact with clay at the bottom of the salt pans. Fleur de sel is harvested only from the surface of evaporating water. Fleur de sel is white. When fleur de sel is disturbed, it sinks below the surface and becomes Celtic sea salt.

The extraction of Celtic salt

Celtic sea salt is extracted using a method similar to that used to extract fleur de sel. Every few days, the person working the salt uses a wooden rake to pull the salt to the sides of a pan. The salt is left to dry for a while before being removed for packaging.

The unique taste of Celtic sea salt

Celtic salt has large, moist crystals with a noticeable crunch. Its salty notes are more intense than those of other sea salts. This makes it one of the best types of salt to cook with. You can also use Celtic sea salt for pickling food.

The unique health benefits of Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt contains a significant number of minerals including Sodium.The important thing to remember is that you only need a little bit of Celtic salt for the best results.

Does Celtic sea salt contain iodine? Celtic sea salt certainly contains iodine, but not very much. It actually contains too little for the daily allowance, so it's good to supplement with other products that contain iodine.

Advantages over other salts

Celtic sea salt offers advantages such as the fact that it contains less sodium than other salts. The lower sodium content is because it is made from more minerals and contains fewer impurities when compared to table salt. Celtic sea salt contains significantly more iron and calcium than table salt, making it a perfect alternative that is also great for cooking.

The health benefits of Celtic sea salt at a glance

Now that you have an idea of what exactly Celtic or Celtic sea salt is we go further into some of the reasons why it is beneficial for our body and what benefits it offers for our health.

It's rich in sodium

As we mentioned earlier, Celtic salt contains less sodium than table salt. Still, the amount is fine. Sodium is an essential mineral that is needed to keep your body in balance.

Deep healing properties

Celtic sea salt balances the minerals in the body and offers healing benefits. Regular consumption can help eliminate excess mucus, which reduces build-up in your nasal cavities and lungs..

It supports your cardiovascular health

Celtic salt is good for your cardiovascular health. Consuming Celtic salt with an adequate amount of water is a simple remedy that people can use who like to keep their blood pressure up.

It significantly improves your energy

You will find that you will feel tired when your body does not have enough sodium. The solution is to include more Celtic salt in your diet, which helps to regenerate the hydroelectric energy in the cells. 

Where can you buy Celtic sea salt?

Buy Celtic salt or another sea salt? You can do this of course at Naturaplaza! We offer both fine and coarse salt of premium quality. Order online now and check out our special offers.