Psyllium Husk Powder Organic

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Pro's & cons
  • Natural aid for bowel movement
  • May support the growth of gut-friendly bacteria
  • Suitable as a gluten-free alternative for baking bread and bakery products

What is Psyllium?

Psyllium or psyllium fibre is a product that consists of the seed husks of the plant species Plantago ovata. This plant is an annual from the plantain family and it is native to the Canary Islands, Southeast Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East. The seed skins are processed into psyllium powder and psyllium husk fibre. But you can also make powder of it.

From Psyllium seed to Psyllium Husks Powder

After harvesting, the Psyllium seeds are processed into fibers and then into powder:

  • The seeds are cleaned.
  • The cleaned Psyllium seeds then go into a press where they are crushed and broken. The husk (the psyllium husk) is separated from the kernel.
  • The psyllium husks and kernels are then separated.
  • The psyllium husk fibres are purified once more.
  • Finally, the fibers are ground into psyllium powder.

Why psyllium husk powder instead of fiber?

Psyllium is used as a good and natural bowel movement stimulant. The product can bind ten to fifty times its own weight in water, which leads to an increase in volume in the intestines. This process ensures that the stool is resuscitated and functions properly. In addition, psyllium fibre can promote the growth of gut-friendly intestinal bacteria in the large intestine.

When it comes to nutritional values, psyllium fiber and psyllium powder are equivalent. Their ability to absorb large amounts of moisture does not differ either. So why do the two versions exist?

Finer structure of the fibre powder

This has to do with the structure. The flea seed powder has a much finer structure and is therefore better suited for processing in food.

Recommended use of psyllium fibre powder

The recommended use of psyllium fibre powder is 3 to 5 grams of fibres or powder, taken once or twice a day with a glass of water. In addition, it is good to keep drinking sufficient water.

The purest psyllium powder on the market

With us, you can buy psyllium husk powder with a purity of more than 99%. This means that there is only psyllium fibre in our product and that we do not use any additives. This makes it the purest psyllium husk powder that you can find.

Where do I buy organic psyllium husk powder?

You can buy organic psyllium husk powder at Naturaplaza of course. In our web shop you can buy organic psyllium husk powder in convenient consumer packs or in slightly larger quantities of usually 1 kg. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss out on any organic psyllium husk powder offers.

Psyllium Husk Powder Organic of premium quality

This is a certified organic product van top quality. Thanks to this certificate you know, that what you buy has been produced with care and consideration for people and nature.

The Organic certificate represents a 100% verified organic and reliable product. This product contains no added sugars, fats and other additives and it's production complies with all European demands and regulations concerning pesticides.

The organic psyllium husk powder we select come from all regions of the world. All products are inspected in Europe and most are also packed there. We regularly check and test the quality of our products.

Psyllium Husk Powder Organic of the brand Holyflavours

HolyFlavours, the leading brand for all your (organic) seasonings and melanges! Salts, Herbs, Spices and Superfoods without any additives.

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More Information
Article number 46390-conf
Productsheet Specsheet
Productshape Powder
Recommended Use 3 to 5 grams of powder per day, together with a glass of water. Keep drinking well afterwards
Ingredients Psyllium Husk
Special Characteristics BIO
Country of cultivation India
Brand Holyflavours
HS-Code 12119086
Private Label possible? Yes
Energy (kcal/kJ) 180 Kcal / 754 kJ
Proteins 0.8 g
Carbohydrates 2.17 g (sugar: 0 g)
Fat 0.24 g (saturated: 0 g)
Fibers 90.02 g
Salt 0 g (sodium: 0 mg)
useful powder
A useful powder for everyday use!

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