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Other Nature food

In our main category Other Nature Food you will find all kinds of natural products which do not fit well under the other headings. We have the best teas that nature has to offer. These are not only very tasty, but they are packed with valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. You will also find ferments in the categories kefir and natural yoghurts, with which you can make the most delicious kefir and yogurt yourself. Or what about our nut pastes, organic oils and naturally pure water? We also have products with which you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. 

At Naturaplaza we know what 100% of natural products can mean for your health. The natural sources are so diverse that we had to make a selection. We have taken great care to offer you the very best in nature. Take for example our crystal clear glacier water from Iceland. Pure nature and with a delicious taste. It is not without reason that this water received the highest award for the superior taste of the 'International Taste & Quality Institute' (iTQi).

Give a natural gift package as a gift

What could be better than giving a loved one a gift package in which he or she finds natural products that contribute to their health? Natural products that also experience a true taste sensation or pure relaxation. At Naturaplaza you can opt for various gift packages. Of course there is also the possibility to put together your own gift package. Please contact us about this without obligation. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you.