Vegan Pancake Mixes

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Various Organic and Vegan Pancaky Pancake Mixes

Fortunately for the environmentally conscious vegans and vegetarians there are more and more products on the market. What do you think of Organic and Vegan pancake mixes? No wheat pancakes with cow's milk and egg, but healthy pancake mix with organic rice flour and organic tapioca starch and organic arrowroot powder as a base and organic superfoods as flavoring.

This allows you to make environmentally conscious vegan pancakes without egg and milk, with a unique flavor.

Vegan pancakes

All ingredients of our pancake mix are fully vegetable and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You bake delicious American pancakes with it. With our american pancake mix in different flavours you can surprise your guests every time with something unique, that is environmentally conscious, vegetarian and above all simply delicious!

Our unique flavors

Pancaky currently brings 4 original flavors on the market, namely: Banana-Chocolate, Apple-Cinnamon, Strawberry-Coconut and Pumpkin-Spice. Something for everyone. Enough variation and with 4 frying pans on the cooker you can put a true taste sensation on the table and treat your guests to a vegan, organic and tasty dinner!