Organic Preppers

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What are Organic preppers?

For that, we must first answer the question of what exactly a prepper is.

What is a prepper?

A prepper is someone who independently and actively prepares for a possible social, financial, political and/or ecological crisis. A prepper, should such a situation arise, would like to be able to survive independently, without depending on other people and institutions. After all, these may no longer be able to perform their functions during such a crisis. So to be able to weather such a crisis, a prepper prepares for it. He stockpiles supplies to be able to hold out for a longer period on his own. Think of fuels, tools, clothing and long-life consumer items such as food and drink.

Organic Preppers

Naturaplaza has created this product category especially for anyone interested in long-life food, where you will find all kinds of products that are both long-life and organic.