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Hygiene for the mouth

There are few people who will deny that fresh breath is important. Oral hygiene can affect the entire body. It's important to take your oral hygiene seriously.

Natural care means oral care without synthetically produced ingredients, like preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Naturaplaza has a wide range of products for natural oral care, as mouth sprays, toothpastes, and brushes.

Toothpastes of natural origin

Natural toothpastes are toothpastes made with natural ingredients. In the Naturaplaza range you will only find care products brands that deliver proven quality.

An example is the natural toothpaste from 'Neem' (a crazy name of course for a brand that gives more, than takes). Neem toothpaste comes from India and helps improve the condition of the gums. Neem takes its name from an extract from the Neem tree.

The extract from the Neem tree has an antibacterial, germicidal effect. The Terra Natura brand also has several natural toothpastes for all-around oral care.

The Stevia toothpaste 'biodent - Vital' is a toothpaste that foams mildly. Biodent - Vital contains only natural ingredients and contains Stevia extract from the Stevia plant as a natural sweetener. Fresh breath is preserved by the essential oils present in the product.

The most effective mouth sprays

In addition to natural and organic toothpaste, we have mouth sprays from the Aromed brand, among others. Aromed is a proven quality brand that makes natural mouth sprays. These mouth sprays are effective in combating mouth and throat complaints, including bad breath.

Handheld toothbrush tablets

At Naturaplaza we also have different types of toothbrush tablets in our range both with and without fluoride. The tablets can be used as a replacement for regular toothpaste. To use it you chew on the tablet until you no longer feel crumbs and then you brush your teeth easily.

A Miswak toothbrush

What is a Miswak? A natural toothbrush - and we have it in our range! Did you know that Miswak is actually a root and that is the root of the Salvadora Persica, or the 'Peelu-tree'?

These roots have been used for hand hygiene in the Middle East for centuries. The roots are plucked by hand and carefully selected by skilled craftsmen. Naturaplaza has the natural Miswak, or siwak, toothbrush you are looking for. Of course, you can buy a siwak at a bargain price from us. Check our other products as well.

Why regular toothpastes are not healthy

It is not for nothing that it is recommended that you do not swallow your toothpaste. That's because most regular toothpaste contains unhealthy, sometimes even toxic substances, including fluoride. Fluoride is best known as the "whitener" of teeth. Yes, it's true that it gives you radiantly white teeth, but that doesn't mean fluoride is necessarily a healthy substance.

In fact, the opposite is true: there are now numerous studies linking the substance fluoride with a predisposition to birth defects, bone disorders, gastric reflux, and brain damage.

An abundance of fluoride can lead to fluorosis - white spots that appear on the teeth. In short: lots of side effects for white teeth.

What substances are harmful?

Natural toothpaste with fluoride does not seem to be healthy. However, toothpastes often contain other substances that can cause damage to the human body.

A good (or rather, "bad") example of such a substance is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), a synthetically made foaming agent, which is also used in cleaning products. It is an inexpensive foaming agent that, however, irritates the skin and attacks the fatty layer.

KCI (Potassium Chloride) is another after substance - a chemical compound of potassium and chlorine. This salt originates in the body and is involved in regulating the heart. However, an excess of Potassium Chloride can cause palpitations, even cardiac arrest. Especially (small) children are at risk of ingesting too much of this, including through toothpaste.

Abrasives in toothpastes can be harmful in the mouth itself. Regardless of the toothpaste you choose, you should always spit it out properly and not swallow it: after all, what is good for your teeth is not necessarily good for the rest of your body. Toothpaste is not food.

The fable of foaming

If a toothpaste foams, it is quickly assumed that it works. However, research shows that foaming is unnecessary. Toothpastes that do not foam can work just as well. Foaming agents, such as the above sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can also affect taste receptors, which can cause irritation in the oral mucosa.

Be kind to your teeth

Naturaplaza offers various resources to responsibly deal with your teeth and be kind to your teeth. Oral hygiene is essential to maintain strong teeth, healthy (not bleeding or inflamed) gums, and fresh breath, but it should not be at the expense of the rest of your physical constitution. Therefore, choose natural to curb the risks.