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Legs - Feet - Nails

With the products from our category Legs - Feet - Nails you cannot give yourself better care. All these products are made from natural ingredients which are mostly organically grown. This includes care products such as natural body lotion, blood circulation oil, foot sprays and a wide variety of oils. In addition, we have numerous clay soaps that are rich in minerals and therefore revitalize your skin and make it shine. We even have natural oil for cellulite, or orange peel, in our range.

Effective varicose vein oil

If you suffer from varicose veins then this can be particularly annoying. In addition to the looks, many people experience discomfort such as cramps. With the varicose vein oil from Naturaplaza you promote good blood flow to your legs. Oils with provitamin B5 strengthen the vessel walls and the same applies to the elasticity of your veins.

Natural care of feet and nails

Our feet have to endure a lot every day because we are constantly walking on it. In addition, they are used even more intensively during sports or other active activities. Good foot care is therefore essential. With our Aromed foot sprays, that's exactly what you do. When we sweat, it often cannot get away through our footwear. This can cause unpleasant odors. Your feet are deodorized with the help of the foot sprays. In addition, if you suffer from lime nails, our lime nail oils offer a solution.