Intimate Care

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Everything for intimate care

Intimate care is not a commonly discussed topic and with good reason: it is not something we as humans feel comfortable talking about. 

For example, you may suffer from an itchy or burning sensation, unwanted odours, and irritations. Naturaplaza offers you a discreet solution.

Our miracle remedies

The products in our range use only natural ingredients, including lavender and tea tree. Most of our products can be used by both men and women. You can read more details about the intimate care products on the product pages.

Aromed Candira series

The Candira spray from Aromed, for example, can be used by both men and women. This also applies to the Najel alum deodorants in our range. These natural deodorants of alum stone counteract sweat and help prevent unwanted odours. After shaving and/or waxing, these deodorants will also relieve irritation.

Experiencing vaginal discomfort

Naturaplaza also has several natural care products for the intimate area of women. The vaginal Candira spray helps to maintain the balance of the protective acid mantle.

This spray is also bacteria and virus killing. The turpentine in the vaginal spray supports the body. The 50 millilitre is easy to carry in your handbag.

Candira vaginal spray can be used for intimate discomforts such as an itchy or burning sensation, as well as a disturbed acid mantle, vaginal discharge, irritations around the sphincter, and any unpleasant odours. In addition to that, it can also be used during pregnancy. The main ingredients are the previously mentioned turpentine, tea tree, and lavender.

How to use Candira spray?

The Candira vaginal spray comes in a so-called 'up-side-down' spray bottle. The bottle is small and robust, easy to carry and use at any time of the day. You can use the spray wherever you are and whenever it's convenient.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, you can treat the vaginal area with the spray 3-6 times a day. Even after having intercourse, the Candira vaginal spray 50 milliliter can be used.

Care for external intimate area

You can start by cleaning your external intimate area with lukewarm water. This has a cleansing effect, but sometimes there are extra caring properties that only special products can provide. For the care of your intimate zone, choose a product with a slightly acidic pH (which suits the natural value of your intimate zone).

If you use a normal soap or shower gel it often has a too high pH value, which can unbalance the pH value of your intimate zone. This can lead to (new) complaints. When there is an imbalance in your pH-value you are more vulnerable to infections.

The right intimate care

You can experience different vaginal ailments, from dryness, to discharge, or just unpleasant odours or burning. For each ailment Naturaplaza has something in its range. Intimate care is a crucial part of the daily care.

Why is intimate care necessary?

Fluid exercise, sports or wearing tight clothing can lead to irritations in the intimate area. You can suffer from a lack of moisture, or vaginal dryness (dehydration). If your intimate zone becomes irritated, it is of course very annoying. Fortunately it's nothing to be ashamed of: it can happen to any woman.

With the help of special intimate care you can promote the natural flora of your vagina and clean the skin, plus support the pH.

Clean your intimate zone with care

Every other day it’s recommended to cleanse the intimate zone, without affecting the pH (which a soap often does). You create a silky soft and elastic skin which does not experience any irritation.

If you cleanse your intimate area the wrong way, there can be an imbalance in pH. This allows bad bacteria, as well as fungi to develop better, which can cause a number of ailments.

Creation of bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis occurs with disturbed acidity when the Gardnerella bacteria start to proliferate. This bacterium is naturally present in the vagina, but if it begins to actively proliferate, a type of gray-white discharge (sometimes with small gas bubbles) may appear.

The condition can cause quite a bit of itching and usually spreads an unpleasant odour. You should not confuse the unhealthy discharge with normal white, or colour- and odourless discharge.

Normal white discharge actually makes for a supple, moist and healthy vagina. Bacterial vaginosis can't be eliminated by excessive massaging, as this will only further disrupt your gut flora. It is advisable to simply go to the doctor. Even better is to prevent infections, which you can do with our care products.

Resurgence of Candida

Candida is a type of fungal infection in which the candida albicans, which is naturally present in the vagina, grows rapidly. This can cause irritation, itching and a burning sensation when urinating. The vaginal wall may show redness and swelling. There may also be pain during intercourse.

Washing your vagina

Your vagina partially cleans itself. Usually the good bacteria in the vagina will keep the acidity balanced. More washing is not always better, because this can also kill the good bacteria. 

What else can you watch out for?

When taking care of your intimate area you can also think about avoiding tight clothing and underwear. Cotton underwear is recommended. Perfumed panty liners, tampons and types of sanitary napkins are best avoided.

In order to avoid fungi, it is advisable to dry them thoroughly. What not many people know is that it's also highly recommended to rinse your vagina with lukewarm water after a dip in a chlorinated pool.