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Organic hair products. All about natural hair care

Healthy, beautiful, shiny hair you get by choosing natural shampoos, hair oils, and conditioners. These hair products can of course be found at Naturaplaza. The best natural hair care products are waiting for you in our assortment. How about 100% natural shampoo or Aleppo soap hair loss? Aleppo soap helps to prevent baldness.

Besides Aleppo soap we also have products from, among others, butternut and argan oil. Are you looking for hair growth supplements or natural styling products? Then you can also come to us: just take a look at our range. We offer only products of proven quality, with unique properties and the natural power of nutrition and recovery.

Argan oil shampoo and conditioner use

Argan oil is an extremely effective ingredient in shampoos, moreover, it is completely natural. In argan oil is a high concentration of vitamin E, which has a deep nourishing effect on the hair, helps to hydrate, and also repairs damage. You'll find argan oil shampoos on our digital shelf: if something is proven effective, we're the first to know.

What about the Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from the brand Alassala. This natural hair care product contains a high percentage of plant extracts. These are carefully selected and all promote healthy, shiny, weightless hair.

How do I prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is very annoying. Naturaplaza is going to help you. We have several shampoos that can prevent hair loss, including a soapy shampoo with argan oil. This is a 100% natural shampoo enriched with natural coconut oil. You'll also find pure essential lavender and rosemary oils that will immerse your hair and scalp in clouds of happiness.

Another key ingredient is castor oil. This type of oil helps prevent hair loss. This is because castor oil is rich in vitamin E, numerous minerals, high content of protein, plus beneficial fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, among others.

Why natural hair care?

There are plenty of reasons to choose natural hair care. So that's what we're going to do here. Natural hair care can be beneficial not only for you, but also for your immediate environment.

The first major benefit, of course, is healthier hair. Natural hair care products contain good ingredients that help hair become strong and stay healthy. As a result, your hair will be shinier and less likely to break.

Natural hair care is sustainable

Do you use natural hair care? Then you'll need far fewer products than if you use synthetic hair care products. Natural ingredients are known to be super strong and effective.

Sustainability is also in the fact that there are no harmful substances in natural hair care products, such as alcohol and sulfates. These harmful substances are spared from your hair and also do not end up in the atmosphere or water.

Sustainable for the environment as well

Natural hair care is therefore not only good for your hair, but also for the environment. Parabens and sulfates found in regular shampoos end up in drinking water.

They pollute the earth and thus ruin nature. Natural hair care has a much smaller impact on the environment. So by going natural, you are also environmentally conscious.

Easier to rinse away

Did you know that the ingredients in regular hair care products are hard to wash away? They can cause oily hair, among other things. Natural ingredients are easier to rinse away. They keep scalp and hair in better balance and are less likely to cause oily hair.

Tackle problems in a focused way

Do you specifically suffer from oily hair, from dry hair, or hair with a lack of lift and volume? Using our 100% natural shampoo and other hair care products, you address the problem directly and effectively. You can effectively employ ingredients to crack the "nut". Natural substances are also a lot healthier: they contain no chemicals.

What's bad for your hair?

Did you know that most hair care products contain alcohol, when in fact it is very harmful to your hair? Alcohol has the property that it can break through the 'scales' of the hair, with the result that your hair becomes dry and therefore more fragile. Alcohol is best avoided. You won't find alcohol in natural products.

Faulty oils, balms, and masks can also do more damage to your hair than you might expect. These products are usually too coarse, too thick, so they can't penetrate to the core of the hair. Only the outer layer of the hair gets the protection it deserves, while the inner layer suffers and remains unkempt.

What is good for your hair though?

A good alternative to most balms and oils are our hair elixirs. These contain only the best products for your hair, including nourishing substances that can penetrate to the core of the hair. Not only will your hair look beautiful, but it can also recover from the inside out.

Avoid these ingredients

You know the drill: hair care products that make promises with the magical effect of this and that substance, but when you look at the ingredient list, it turns out that there are tons of other ingredients in the product. Avoid parabens in particular, as well as synthetic substances like sodium lauryl sulfate and formaldehyde. Alcohol is also something you should avoid for healthy hair.