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All about natural face care

Why should you choose natural facial products? Simple: the skin is an important passageway of substances to the body. This means that everything you put on your skin - including your face - is partly absorbed by the body. Natural facial care products, such as natural day cream and natural face cream, contain only ingredients that originate in nature, not made in a laboratory somewhere.

Your face as a business card

The face is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin and it is the body part that others draw the most attention to. The face gives people character and personality. Naturally, you want to look good, every day.

Often the facial skin just needs a little extra love to stay supple, smooth, and healthy. Millions go into the synthetic lotions and cream industry. It remains to be seen how many products really work.

Why natural face care?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body - it spans your entire body, from crown to heel. It's also the organ that first comes into contact with the outside world, which is why you need to be extremely careful with it.

Natural face cream and natural day cream aim to restore and nourish the balance in the skin, rather than disrupt it. These remedies observe the natural fat mantle, acidity, and bacteria.

Daily assaults on your skin

Human skin has to endure a lot of things every day: cutting wind, rain, hail, heat, and UV light. It can also come into contact with harmful substances. Natural facial care also ensures that the pores remain 'open' so that no dirt accumulates.

And of course, animal-free

Equally important that you look more beautiful and healthier because of the natural remedies. All products in the range of Naturaplaza are produced with care and dedication for animals and the environment.

No animal testing has been involved in the ingredients or the production of the final products on our website. A bonus is that all our natural face products are suitable for vegans.

A day cream without junk

Naturaplaza loves natural products and offers only the best that nature has to offer to man. You will find with us only natural care products that are proven quality, for example, the brand Alassala. This brand offers products of high quality.

The day cream Bio-Advanced fights aging of the skin in a 100% natural way. The main ingredients of this day cream are green coffee extract and prickly pear seed oil. This ensures that the cream is rich in vitamins E, K, antioxidants, fatty and amino acids, among others.

Thus, the balance of the skin is maintained. In addition, this cream hydrating, so your skin even on bleak winter days, with cold, chilly wind remains elastic and supple.

Facial cleansers and scrubs

The best natural face cream you will find at Naturaplaza. We have both creams for the whole face and natural care products for parts of the face in the range, such as lip balm and serums for the eyes, plus various scrubs and natural facial cleansers to the skin of your face thoroughly.

The Najel Dead Sea Clay Soap has a foiling action and gentle exfoliating effect. Did you know that mud from the Dead Sea has the highest mineral concentration of any clay worldwide? The Dead Sea is actually not a sea, but a salt lake. Minerals from the surrounding mountains end up in the Dead Sea through erosion, but the water does not flow away, which makes for a high mineral concentration. The water is even said to work against certain skin conditions.

Why use Najel Dead Sea Clay Soap? Simple: this soap is a treat for your face, a wealth of nutrients with a deep cleansing and restorative effect. Apply the soap, take a moment for yourself and let an intense sense of calm descend upon you.

A leading role for plants and herbs

No synthetic remedies with strange, unpronounceable names, but natural herbs and plants play the leading role in natural care products. Plants come in countless shapes and sizes.

Since time immemorial, herbs and plants have been used in traditional medicine and not without reason: the active ingredients in our contemporary medicines must have come from somewhere. If there is poison, there is an antidote.

Vanilla, coconut, lavender: these plants or parts of plants have been used in traditional medicine since time immemorial. Argan oil has been called a "super product. But even something as common as a cucumber is attributed to medicinal properties.

Free from harmful additives

Our natural skincare products are free from harmful additives such as perfume, alcohol, sulfates, and parabens. The sensitive facial skin can tolerate these substances poorly. Good facial care keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

To keep your face looking and feeling its best

To keep your face in top condition, we give you six tips. This way you'll be able to look your best every day, without having to use all kinds of chemical, unnatural remedies.

Tip 1: cleanse your skin every day

To keep your face in top condition, you need to cleanse your face every day. You remove dirt and makeup in the evening, as well as in the morning. This prevents dirt from building up, clogging pores, and causing infections.

Scrubbing is an option, but never do this too intensely, as this can damage and wear out your skin. Using cotton pads or makeup wipes is another option, but this can be a bit intense and expensive.

Tip 2: exfoliate your face

Why exfoliate? Simple: it makes for tight, even skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin flakes and reveals a new layer of skin. Of course, you shouldn't exfoliate too often or too hard, because you can damage the skin. Use a different scrub for your face than for your body - as your facial skin is a lot more sensitive.

Tip 3: Don't shower too hot

It may sound strange, but too hot water is not good for your face. The skin can't stand it and dries out easily. Therefore do not shower too hot, or at least keep hot water away from your face. It is also important to moisturize your face properly after showering.

Tip 4: Drink enough water

Moisturize not only from the outside using natural creams, but also from the inside. You've probably heard it before: drinking enough water is good for your skin. You haven't been lied to: if you drink enough, the moisture supply to your skin actually stays up.

Tip 5: use a good caring cream

Naturaplaza has several natural day care creams to get you through the day. Day creams protect you from external influences, night creams help the skin to recover.

Tip 6: give your skin an extra boost

Be kind to your skin and give it a little extra every now and then, for example in the form of a multi-day treatment. Use a natural mask every now and then to protect and pamper your skin optimally. Among other things, we have nourishing creams that nourish and repair the skin.

Also important

Natural products are jars and boxes full of magic, but finally, don't forget to let nature itself do its work. Get out from behind the computer and go out once in a while to let the sunshine on your face. Healthy food helps to keep the body healthy, including the facial skin.