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With the anti-insect products from Naturaplaza you keep insects at a distance in a natural and effective way. Both insect sprays, anti-tick agents and aroma burners are in our versatile range. Already stabbed or bitten? We also have effective products for this, such as insect rollers. Furthermore, we have Najel Amber Oud Moth Soap as an air freshener. In short, the annoying nuisance of insects is a thing of the past with our range of anti-insect products. You will find them in our natural care category. When you click on an article, you can read all the details about it on the product page.

Prevention is better than cure

Relaxing on a terrace or a beach, who doesn't want that? You also want to take your night's rest undisturbed during a hot summer night. Nothing is more annoying than when there are always flies or other insects buzzing around you. Especially when these decide to choose you as a 'victim'. That is why Naturaplaza has, effective skin sprays in its range. These are insect repellent and safe to apply to your skin. They keep insects at bay by spreading an unpleasant odor. The same applies to our anti-ticks from Ticks Repel. This product consists of 100% essential oil of the pelargonium capitatum x radens plant. It is obtained via steam distillation.

When you have already been stung or bitten

Once stung by an insect, you want to get rid of the itch as quickly as possible. You can use the Aromed Picadura insect roller for this purpose. This roller cools and softens immediately due to the menthol crystals it contains. This insect roller also does an excellent job with jellyfish bites and when you have touched nettles. The insect roller is antiseptic, detoxifying, and reduces itching. This is thanks to natural ingredients such as tea tree and Australian blue cypress. The lemon component provides the purifying and astringent effect.