Aleppo soap

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Using Aleppo soap

That Aleppo soap has special properties has been known for many centuries (yes really, that long). Aleppo soap originated in - you guessed it - the Syrian city of Aleppo. This soap was one of the most important trade goods to come out of the area.

The success of the soap formula is shown by the fact that over the centuries hardly anything has changed in the production of the product. Soap from Aleppo is a particularly effective and pure soap.

What makes Aleppo soap so pure?

Aleppo soap is a soap that consists exclusively of natural ingredients. This means that all the ingredients used in the production process can be found in nature. These include olive oil, bayberry oil, water, and soda on a vegetable basis.

The special thing about Aleppo soap is that it can be used on any skin type. Naturaplaza has various Aleppo soap products for you in its range. Take a look at the product pages.

Aleppo pure soap for all skin types

The ingredient bay laurel oil protects against unfavorable fungi and bacteria. The soap cleanses and nourishes the skin and has a caring effect. Some skin types are sensitive to external influences - they become easily irritated or damaged - and for these skin types Aleppo soap is an ideal remedy. Naturaplaza has Aleppo soap in a solid variant as well as a liquid variant and shower gel for you on the digital shelf: there is a variant for everyone.

Aleppo Soap Applications

This antiseptic (bacteria-killing) soap has several uses. You can use Aleppo soap as shampoo, but also as skin care. The soap has multiple care applications. An important advantage of this traditional soap is that it contains no synthetic additives: the hair and skin product is completely natural and 100% pure.

Did you know that Aleppo soap makes your hair vital and also provides it with a powerful natural shine? Aleppo soap can also be used as a cleaning agent, a natural insecticide, and an ecological laundry detergent. Our adored Najel Aleppo soaps are widely applicable.

The basis of Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap, also known as "Alep soap”, is a soap that is purely vegetable and is made from olive and bay laurel oils. Aleppo soap is praised for the exceptional quality of the product. The bay laurel oil gives Aleppo soap its distinctive fragrance.

Did you know that this soap floats in water? That is quite unique. It's because the soap is particularly rich in vegetable oils and is dried for a period of no less than nine months. Remarkably, Alep soap produces relatively little lather, but is wonderfully soft. This soap is not only unscented, but also free of chemical and animal additives.

The Mother of 'All Soaps'

Aleppo soap... the holy godmother of soaps? Soaps on television are often a bit long-winded and end in a hissy fit, but Aleppo soap gets right to the point: you get what you see and what you see is a top product. The soap has been a great success for over 4,000 years. The Mesopotamians of old would have known that their soap formula was still very popular thousands of years later.

Aleppo soap in Europe

Europeans have been familiar with the Aleppo phenomenon since the Crusades of the twelfth century, when crusaders brought the product back from the Middle East. In Marseilles, they were so impressed that a veritable similar soap industry sprang up here. A variant of Aleppo soap is produced here without the use of bay laurel oil.

Production of Aleppo soap

The production of Aleppo soap takes place every year in the period of October/November. First, olive oil is poured into a large copper vessel. This is then mixed with soda and water. For three days, the olive oil is boiled with the lye mixture, after which the bay laurel (berry) oil is added. So the bay laurel oil is actually the "finishing touch."

After that, the product is cut into blocks and it must be aged for another nine months. This is done by letting the soap dry in peace. The color of the soap changes during this process: it can vary quite a bit in hue and ranges from light brown to dark green.

Also for sensitive skin

Aleppo is also suitable for people with very sensitive skin. The gentle action of olive oil in the soap is accentuated by the delicate aroma of laurel. Oil of bay laurel oil has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, among others. It is used against acne and psoriasis.

How to use?

A major advantage of Aleppo soap: the older it is, the more pleasant it is on the skin. This is partly due to the increase in the concentration of active ingredients, because: the older the soap is, the more water disappears from the product. Even a small amount of Aleppo soap is an asset to any household. You can use the soap in different ways.

Aleppo soap is great for cleaning the skin, both the body and face. It keeps the skin supple and soft. You can also wash your hair with it. It helps against the development of dandruff and nourishes the hair in a thorough way.

Aleppo soap can also be used for shaving, because of its antiseptic properties. You can use it to remove stains from materials (including felt and pure wool). Storing it in the closet among your clothes means deliciously fragrant clothes at all times. Finally, Aleppo soap can help soothe the skin in case of an insect sting. All-round versatile soap!