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What is natural care? Natural care products

Natural care is the care of your body, in a broad sense, with natural care products. Did you know that everything you put on your skin ends up in your body? That is why it is so important that you use products that do not contain toxic and harmful substances, but substances that are inherent to the body.

Several natural skincare products

Naturaplaza offers a wide diversity in the range of natural care products. You can pamper yourself with fragrant soaps, various types of pleasant shampoos, and gels.

We also have numerous natural care products for relaxing, including body lotions, face creams, and special Aleppo soap. On the website, you will find product categories for natural care. Our product pages have details on products.

Natural skin care

Most people may not realize it, but the skin is the largest organ in the body. It is also the first line of protection against harmful outside influences.

Natural care is of course the best way to keep your skin vital and healthy. At Naturaplaza you will find Dead Sea clay soap, alum powder, and various healing oils, such as cactus oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and peppermint oil.

Face care

The skin on the face is often very sensitive and therefore needs some extra care. You can give your facial skin extra support with various natural oils, but also with facial creams and facial scrubs. A unique product is Moroccan rhassoul clay.

For everything

On you will find not only skin products but also natural care products for hair, feet, nails, throat, nose, and ears, for the mouth and intimate area. Even if you suffer from an injury, we have various beneficial products for you.

Our care products and cosmetics contain no chemicals or other harmful substances. They are organically produced with natural ingredients.

No harmful substances

Our natural care products contain no harmful substances that can have unwanted side effects. Substances such as parabens, for example, are now prohibited in most European countries, because they interfere with hormonal functions.

Deodorants often contain aluminum: the exact harmfulness of this substance is still not entirely clear. In many products, there are substances that are secretly quite harmful. Naturaplaza avoids these substances on purpose.

Babies, small children, pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone with a weak constitution should not come into contact with harmful substances. Putting a pot of poison in their lap is the last thing you want. Yet some seemingly innocent products are sneaky wolves in sheep's clothing. Natural products are transparent: you get what you see.

Babies and small children are extra vulnerable

The skin easily absorbs substances and lets them through. Baby and child skin is very fragile. Pay attention to what you put on their body. Buy natural skincare products, because you can be sure that they are free of potentially harmful substances.

Adult skincare

Adult care includes products for the hair (shampoos and conditioners), as well as natural deodorants and natural make-up, plus remedies for removing scaling nails.

Basic toothpaste contains fluoride. This helps to keep teeth white and bright, but can be harmful and can lead to osteoporosis, among other things. It is warned not to use too much fluoride toothpaste for children under 6 years old.

Hair care Naturaplaza

Choose from the finest natural conditioners, shampoos, and hair oils. These products include argan oil. You will find various products for styling and even supplements for hair growth.

Did you know that there is a lot of vitamin E in argan oil? Argan oil is deeply nourishing. It hydrates the hair and helps repair the damage. Our soapy argan oil shampoo variant is enriched with deeply nourishing natural coconut oil: a blessing for the head.

In the essential lavender oil of the hair, you will find the following ingredients

The essential oils of lavender and rosemary contain castor oil, which prevents hair loss. Castor oil contains vitamin E, as well as an abundance of minerals and many proteins. You will also find the fatty acids Omega 6 plus 9 in these oils. The antibacterial effects also help against dandruff.

Intimate care Naturaplaza

Naturaplaza also has various products for intimate care. It is something which is not often talked about, but which is extremely important. When your resistance decreases, you can experience discomfort around and in the intimate zone, for example, itching or burning, as well as unpleasant odours.

Happily Naturaplaza has a discreet solution with natural ingredients such as lavender and tea tree: for both men and women!

Eco detergent Naturaplaza

People often underestimate the importance of natural detergent on health. The clothes you wear directly on your skin and with a bath towel or flannels, you wash the skin of your face and body.

Eco detergents do not contain synthetic substances which can cause irritation, among other things, and they are also environmentally friendly. You don't only benefit as a consumer, the world does too: a real win-win situation.