On this page, you will find various accessories that should not be missing in your kitchen. They ensure, among other things, that you can store all your herbs and spices neatly. The accessories are of very good quality and have a nice modern look.

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In our accessory range you will find everything you need to safely store the carefully selected herbs we sell. You want to keep them in a cool and dark place and protect them from moisture. We also have accessories that allow you to create your own delicious herb mixes and use this unique mix in your own dishes. With these accessories you will become a wizard in the kitchen and you will always have the right herbs within reach.

Our product range

We believe in our organic products and want to ensure that they remain good for you for a long time. Therefore, you can find a spice rack in the kitchen, a pepper mill, a salt mill or herb shakers. With the mortar you crush your herbs and make a delicious mix of for example nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. You can then put this in a spice jar where it stays good for a long time and you can use it over and over again.

A wide range

We are passionate about herbs and our range of accessories reflects this. Buy a spice rack, a glass cutting board, a salt and pepper mill or a mortar and pestle and you'll have everything you need to mix and prepare herbs. Of course, our range also contains a number of precompiled herb mixes, so you don't have to fiddle around with a mortar and pestle yourself. Yet there is nothing more fun than experimenting with herbs and our accessories make it possible.

Organic ingredients for your dishes

Only with our accessories, you will not get there. If you decide to order a wood pepper and salt mill from us, please also browse our range of herbs.

If you order before 5 PM (CET), we will ship your order the same day. With more than 2012 years of experience as a seller of natural and organic products, we support everyone who wants to live healthier. Therefore, also check out the rest of our products, because there you will also find all kinds of organic and natural solutions for a healthier diet.