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Natural pure water

Brand Lifjalla: Natural pure water from Iceland

Water, source of all life
Water is one of the most essential food products and the main component of our diet, which our body needs in sufficient quantities every day.
Water is not just water. There is a lot of difference. That is why it is important to make a conscious choice about the type of water we drink.

Our mission
Our mission is to offer Natural Pure Untreated water that contributes to the health and general physical well-being. In our search for the purest water possible, Iceland was chosen, one of the least contaminated regions in the world with crystal clear glacial water filtered naturally through the ancient basalt layers.

Unique composition and taste
This ensures that Lifjalla is not only naturally pure but also has a unique composition: low in salt, low mineralized and exceptional due to a high pH (basic) and oxygen content.
In addition, it tastes delicious and received the highest award for its superior taste by iTQi - an international panel of Sommeliers and Michelin chefs.

Ecological and handy Bag-in-Box packaging
Due to ecological considerations and user-friendliness, the Bag-in-Box packaging was also chosen, available in 5 and 10 liter sizes. This intelligent packaging contributes to safeguarding the quality of the product, is convenient and saves space and invites you to drink.

Visit the Lifjalla website

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