African Snowflakes Salt 0.1-3 mm

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Origins of African Snowflake salt

On the entire 1600 km long coast of Namibia lies the Namib, the oldest desert in the world. On this coast, deep-sea water from Antarctica rises up and collides with the warm air of the desert. As a result, a thick fog shrouds the water for up to 200 days a year. The long coast is therefore also called the 'skeleton coast', because it is littered with the wrecks of hundreds of sunken ships.

Formation of African Snowflake Salt

On just a few days a year, when the conditions, plenty of sunshine, low humidity and light wind, are just right, fleur de sel is formed. It floats on the water like a wafer-thin layer of salt, very similar to snow. This layer is blown by the wind to the banks of the salt flats, where it is harvested by hand and then dried under the desert sun. The salt pans are located in nature reserves and are a paradise for bird and nature lovers. The "African snow", as the Fleur de Sel is affectionately known in Namibia, is the noblest version of sea salt. African Snowflake Salt.

Taste and Use

The production method ensures that the salt retains all the minerals and trace elements that make it so valuable and give it its special flavour. The salt has a slightly crunchy salt structure and you can taste the flavour of the African sun and Antarctic freshness. Top chefs and gourmets appreciate this snowflake salt for its fine salty taste. It is particularly suitable for the post-salting of all kinds of fish and seafood dishes and as a finger salt.

Specific properties African snowflake salt:

  • 97.1% NaCI.
  • 0.12% Mg.
  • 0.43% SO4
  • 0.17% Ca.
  • 0.06% K.
  • moisture percentage 1-2%

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African Snowflakes Salt 0.1-3 mm of premium quality

This is a certified organic product van top quality. Thanks to this certificate you know, that what you buy has been produced with care and consideration for people and nature.

The Organic certificate represents a 100% verified organic and reliable product. This product contains no added sugars, fats and other additives and it's production complies with all European demands and regulations concerning pesticides.

The African Snowflakes Salt 0.1-3 mm we select come from all regions of the world. All products are inspected in Europe and most are also packed there. We regularly check and test the quality of our products.

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