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Nature store Naturaplaza is a young company, founded at the beginning of 2012 under the name "Steviahouse". In 2019 we changed our name to Naturaplaza, which better reflects our grown product range. Because In addition to selling Stevia products, the range has greatly expanded in those first 7 years.

Naturaplaza is part of wholesaler VehGro B.V..

VehGro specialises in the wholesale of organic ingredients. Because we make direct use of the stocks of the wholesaler VehGro, we can always quickly offer our customers the best quality at the most competitive prices. All our products are packaged and stored by VehGro. They also take care of the entire logistical handling.

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The company Naturaplaza supplies a particularly extensive range of up to 2,000 different, mainly organic, ingredients. For this we work directly with the purchasing department of our wholesaler.

The organic ingredients are selected in the country of origin according to our strict admission requirements. The selection is mainly based on quality, taste, sustainability and living conditions of the farmers...
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For Naturaplaza quality assurance is not just a bureaucratic process, but an effective tool. The aim is to offer traceable products of highest quality. All products are packaged and processed in compliance with the required nutritional quality standards.

Naturaplaza cooperates with several partners who all have the required certifications such as FSSC-2200 or BRC to process and package the products. In addition to that...
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